"Thank you for your time and the wonderful courtesy of answering my email." -- Durban, South Africa

"I feel I can't talk to any of my friends or family so I decided to seek help elsewhere." -- Australia

"Thank you! I find peace and resolution and I am able to write out my whole story." -- Ontario, Canada

"I really appreciate your response. Thank you for listening to me." -- Philadelphia, PA

"I would like help! I am only 16 and have no one to talk to." -- Dorset, England

"I lost my parents in an accident. I feel lonely and don't have anyone to talk to. Please write back." -- Wales, UK

"Sorry to pile all this information on you but I need someone to talk to." -- Australia

"Thank you for responding so quickly... I feel like I am losing my mind... Any help will be greatly appreciated." -- South Carolina, USA

"Thank you so much for your kindness. God bless you." -- California, USA

"Thank you for your kind message... I look forward to hearing from you again." -- New York, USA

"Thank you for your support. It helps for me to talk to others about my grief." -- Texas,USA
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