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Dealing with Traumatic Memories - By Barbara Rubel: lMA, BCETS, CBS,

Crisis intervention

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news that America was attacked by terrorists? Generations before us knew where they were when FDR gave his D-Day speech and President Kennedy was assassinated.

Millions of people were intimately affected as...

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“10” exercises that you can do right now to get positivity flowing and begin the healing process

1. Take slow deep breaths, count to 10, concentrate on your breathing, the
     movement, let go of stress.
2. Take a walk around the block and note 10 beautiful things in the world
3. Running, hiking, bicycling
4. Love...

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“10” things you can do right now to face your grief

1.  Tell your story. Tell it over and over if that's what you need to do. Tell it to those who support you and listen to you.
2. Be kind to yourself. Eat healthy foods, although it is fine to indulge in 'comfort' food occasionally.
3. Engage in small...

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20 Tips to Manage Grief During the First Holiday by Barbara Rubel

Barbara Rubel is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and trainer in the field of compassion fatigue and being resilient when tragedy strikes. She offers these very helpful tips on managing grief during the holiday season.

What would the world be like without holidays?

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Victims of Mesothelioma: Grief Counseling for Cancer Patients and their Families: By Jack P. Bleeker

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer occurring in the thin layer of cells , known as the mesothelium, that lines the body’s internal organs. Caused almost exclusively from exposure to asbestos, the most common forms develop in the lung, abdomen, and heart.

Grief and cancer go...

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Support Groups Can Help Those Bereaved by Suicide

Barbara Rubel is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and trainer in the field of compassion fatigue and being resilient when tragedy strikes. She is part of the ShareGrief family of grief specialists.

But I didn?t say goodbye! That?s all I could think about when I learned that my...

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ShareGrief's most recent list of resources

Many of the team of ShareGrief specialists are publushed authors and specilaize in a variety of areas of loss. This includes deaths as a resuls of traumatic experiences, suicides, parental and child loss. Some personal journeys are also included in the list below.

One of ShareGrief's...

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A Grief Fit

Sherry Russell share her personal story of invasive breast cancer.

May Column 2006
A Grief Fit

Iâ??m always reminding people to seek out the small miracles of the day. A brightly colored bird singing, a bud ready to blossom, the sound of the ocean - actually...

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Traveling With Your Grief

Brenda Sunoo gives grieving parents some valuable tips on self care and coping with grief while travelling or on vacation.

1. First and foremost, ensure your wellness. Exercise, take walks, eat healthy foods. Get enough sleep, including naps. If you are having a difficult time sleeping...

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How to Survive the Holidays

This article offers some helpful tips on coping with the loss of a loved one during the holiday season.

Surviving the Holidays

Sandy Lipkus, B.Ed; M.S.W. Grief specialist,

For many people the holidays are a time of rejoicing, celebrations, and...

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Loss of a Friend

Tayana Kessler, a freelance writer living in New Jersey, describes the impact of loss on those who have experienced the death of a friend.

The shock was like a thick black smoke, threatening to suffocate me, leaving me gasping for air. My father phoned to tell me that my best friend...

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Similarities in the Grieving Nation and the Bereaved Parent

Submitted by Alice Wisler, Editor of "Tributes", a monthly online magazine to offer comfort and hope for those who have had a child or sibling die, and author of "You Can Help a Grieving Heart".

It has caused us to hug each other more tightly, fly our flags, light candles and unite in...

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Panic Attacks

By Sherry Russell. Some tips on how to help yourself if you are experiencing a panic attack.

Panic attacks can be scary and unpredictable. Understand that panic attacks are not a personal weakness and they are treatable as is depression. Panic attacks affect you socially, physically...

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From Phuket to Hanoi

A letter from Brenda Sunoo relating her experience in Thailand during the historic Tsunami disaster

Dear Friends,

By the grace of greater spirits, we are safe and sound in Hanoi. We made it off the island of Phuket, Thailand on the 27th. Phuket, as you know by now, is one...

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Parents, Children and the Grief in Between.

By Sherry Russell, a grief specialist with

Mother's Day passed and now Father's Day is approaching. Frankly, I've always thought the day a woman gives birth to a child should be a Mother's Day. I can't truly think of a better reason to have a day in which a mother is...

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Symbols of faith and hope while reminders of loss and despair

Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert, BCC, CPBC

In this time of world turbulence we have become acutely aware of symbols. Patriotic symbols abound for some, while others, unhappy with life events, move away from such gestures because they are not proud. We seem more aware of the routines and...

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The Monster in the Closet

Lynn Crowder

When I was a little girl, I was afraid a lot. I can remember lying awake on my bed imagining all the possibilities. There were snakes under my bed, there was a monster in my closet, and there were aliens with very sharp needles that were going to do zigzag stitching on my...

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When do the Bereaved Seek Help On-Line?

Sandy Lipkus, B.Ed; M.S.W. Grief counsellor,

A loved one had died! What is it that causes some people to seek help immediately and others to wait for extended periods of time? Something that continues to fascinate me in my work as an on-line grief counsellor is the wide...

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Adolescents Find Comfort in On-Line Counselling

Sandy Lipkus, B.Ed; M.S.W. Grief counsellor,

Where do the youth go to access services when the death of someone close touches their lives? How can they release their feelings of sadness, guilt anger or fear? Many young people are reluctant to share their feelings with...

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Facing Grief: How and Why To Help People Heal

Brenda Paik Sunoo Charlene Marmer Solomon Published in "Personnel Journal" magazine in April 1996. Awarded a Maggie Certificate of Excellence in the category of "Best Public Service Series or Article" for a trade/consumer magazine by the Western Publications Association.

Death. It's...

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How to Help Children After A Traumatic Experience

Sandy Lipkus, B.Ed; M.S.W. Grief counsellor,

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were overwhelming and unexpected. Children in particular experience very strong emotional reactions. Some reactions may appear immediately at the time of the crisis and some reaction...

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Living with the Loss you are Experiencing

Living with the Loss you are Experiencing

When a loved one dies, the time following the death can bring about a vast spectrum of emotions.

When a loved one dies, the time following the death can bring about a vast spectrum of emotions. While grief is a normal...

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Cultural Diversity

A Bibliography of Children’s Books to Promote Better Understanding

Death is a most difficult experience in every culture and the rituals surrounding it are personal and individual to the beliefs of its people. The following is a list of childrenâ??s books which...

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Kids and Christmas

Lynn Crowder

When I was a kid, my family had the same Christmas every year. The packages under the tree changed...the tree might have sat in a different spot in the room, but the essence of Christmas was the same at our house.

My younger brothers and I would practice our...

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A Bibliography on Diversity (Culture, Gender, Values, Beliefs)

The Reverend Richard B. Gilbert, PhD, BCC, CT

Adler, Rachel. Engendering Judaism; An inclusive theology and ethics. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1998.

Anderson, Robert & Mary Fukuyama (eds.) Ministry in the spiritual and cultural diversity of health care....

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Bibliography:Resources for and about children/teens and grief

The Reverend Richard B. Gilbert, PhD, DMin, LL.D, BCC, CT - Resources for professionals and parents. School personnel

Adams, Christine. Learning to be a good friend; A guidebook for kids. St. Meinrad: Abbey Press, 2004.

Adams, David and Eleanor Deveau. Beyond the Innocence...

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