About Share Grief

Since 2001, ShareGrief.com has been providing on-line grief support, education and resources via email to the bereaved from all over the world. We have provided this service to:

* Grievers who are isolated or live in rural areas where services are unavailable

* The bereaved who are elderly, handicapped or homebound

* People with busy lifestyles who find it difficult to seek professional help at a regular scheduled time

* Those that are uncomfortable speaking face-to-face with someone about their grief

* Teens and young adults who would rather discuss their losses via email rather than with family, friends or professionals

The ShareGrief team of volunteer grief specialists has responded to close to 3000 grievers, educators, medical and non medical professionals, writers, directors of bereavement centers and hospices, students seeking information for their studies, people from the media, individuals wanting to become grief specialists, members of the clergy, parents who have started websites in memory of their children, and people wanting to join the ShareGrief team.

The site had been publicized in the media and our founder, Sandy Lipkus has been asked to present the concept of on-line grief support at various conferences, workshops, and hospitals.

We invite you to browse the ShareGrief site and offer you a safe and confidential place to share your stories of loss and grief. Please fill out the questionnaire and one of our skilled professionals will get back to you shortly. Our goal is to provide you with support, information and resources in an effort to help you move forward during this most difficult time.

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